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Family Law


No time is more difficult than dealing with a divorce or custody battle. Going to war with a person that you trusted and loved completely can be devastating and treacherous. Having a family lawyer that can handle the details and complicated process of family law issues is important in protecting your rights as a parent or spouse.

If you are anything like most people, your children are the most important aspect of your life. In order to maintain your rights as a parent, it is necessary that you have the representation of a family lawyer that understands what you are going through and the magnitude of the situation at hand. Get the quality time with your children and level of custody that you deserve by hiring Monier Law Firm LLC. 

The divorce procedure can be one of the most challenging and dark times in a person’s life, and you must have support during such a difficult experience. Holding on to assets you have worked for your entire life is not something you should gamble on with an unqualified law firm. Monier Law Firm LLC has the background necessary to protect your assets and get what you deserve from a fair and balanced divorce settlement. 

Regardless of the situation, Monier Law Firm LLC has a family attorney that can properly represent you and ensure a fair agreement between you and your spouse. Whether it is a divorce, a custody battle, or any other issue of the family, Monier Law Firm LLC has a family lawyer in the Lafayette area that can achieve your goals and minimize inconveniences in your future.

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