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The Firm

As Louisiana natives, Monier Law Firm LLC understands the state laws and how the system works in Lafayette. We are attorneys with reputable backgrounds that are fully prepared to assist and represent the members of our community. With the proper licensing, education, and knowledge of the legal system, Monier Law Firm LLC is the right choice for your needs.

Our complete and thorough procedures and exhaustive research will stop at nothing to achieve your goals. By hiring Monier Law Firm, you acquire protection, guidance, and the comfort you deserve in your time of need. We are experienced and knowledgeable in multiple areas of the law.

At Monier Law Firm LLC, we thrive on exhausting any resources necessary to ensure that you have the best possible chance of victory in the outcome of your issue. We offer our clients the type of complete representation that we would expect from an attorney that we acquired. It is important to us that we set a high standard for legal services in Lafayette and lead by example, rather than offering a lot of lip service and unattainable promises.

Maintaining our reputation is important to us, and we must do so through our actions and customer service. Any fast talking suit can sell you a dream, but they rarely deliver. We prefer to let our history of success and knowledge of the law do our talking for us.

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